Coachworks 2010

Title: Alternative Strength Training
Venue: Craigavon Leisure Centre
Time: 7.00pm - 10.00pm
Facilitator: Phil Morrow
Phil is currently employed as the High Performance Fitness coach for
the Irish Rugby Team. This role sees him responsible for the physical
development of elite players and the delivery of the strength and
conditioning programmes for the academy structures.
Course Content: This workshop will consider alternatives to traditional
gym based training for developing strength and work capacity. This will
include the use of kettle bells, sled work carries, throws and flips.
Relevancy: Suitable for coaches of all levels interested in the
development of strength.

Title: Functional Training
Venue: Ardmore Recreation Centre

Time: 7.00pm-10.00pm
Facilitator: Julie Davis
Julie was Ireland's first female fitness instructor of a senior inter-county
team whose day job is strength and conditioning coach at the DCU
GAA Academy. Julie has worked with Cavan and Armagh as well as
the Ulster Rugby squad. Julie is currently working with the Kildare
Senior Gaelic Football Team.
Course Content: Julie will concentrate on functional training,
explaining what it is, how it can benefit women in sport and how it
differentiates from what is perceived to be normal training. Also how
functional training looks at the commonalities of sports and reinforces
them. This session is suitable for coaches at all levels.
Relevancy: Suitable for coaches of all levels.

Title: Innovative Training Techniques
Venue: Craigavon Leisure Centre

Time: 7.00pm - 10.00pm
Facilitator: Alfie Wylie
The National Coach for the Women's International Soccer Team, Alfie
is a European Pro-Licence Coach with vast experience. He is also the
1st team coach at Linfield Football Club, an Irish FA Coach Educator
and Performance Co-ordinator for Ladies Soccer.
Course Content: An innovative course looking at new training
techniques for physical conditioning in team sports to help improve
fitness and make training more enjoyable including warm-up, speed
endurance, plyometrics, high intensity and small-sided games.
Relevancy: Suitable for all coaches and physical trainers.

Title: Fundamentals of Games
Venue: Ardmore Recreation Centre
Time: 7.00pm - 10.00pm

Facilitator: Terence McWilliams
Terence is a former PE Advisory Support Teacher with the NEELB where
he spent 25 years, gaining a vast experience of children's sport. He is
currently the Games Development Manager with the Ulster Council of
the GAA. As the Games Development Officer he has produced the
'Everyone Together' pack for Special Needs and the 'Fun to Fame'
manual on the fundamentals.
Course Content: This practical course will provide an insight into the
use of 'The Family of Games' model to plan and implement a
comprehensive games programme for children of all abilities.
Relevancy: Suitable for all coaches, primary school teachers and
youth/play leaders who work with children aged 4-12 years.

Title: Preparing Mentally for Optimum Performance
Venue: Craigavon Civic & Conference Centre

Time: 7.00pm - 10.00pm
Facilitator: Enda McNulty
Enda has been an ever present member of the Armagh Senior Football
Team, playing in the side which won the All-Ireland title in 2002. In a
professional context, his portfolio of experience includes delivery of the
Fundamental programme; working with disabled children in sport and
coaching at all levels in one of the largest GAA clubs in Ireland. His
MOTIV8 company currently advises some of Ireland's elite athletes in
rugby, soccer, golf, tennis and Gaelic games.
Course Content: An insight into the mental conditioning required for
peak performance.
Relevancy: Suitable for senior coaches working with high performance

Title: Small Sided Games to Develop Technique and
Venue: Ardmore Recreation Centre
Time: 7.00pm-10.00pm

Facilitator: Shane McCullough
Shane is the Course Director of the Sports Coaching degree
programme at the University of Ulster. Prior to this he was the
Partnership Manager at Sport Belfast and Development Manager of
Mini-Soccer at the Irish Football Association. Shane has managed the
NI U15 & U16 soccer teams as well as the NI Women's team.
Course Content : This session will involve looking at 2v2, 3v3 and 4v4
adapted and conditioned games that can be incorporated in children's
and adult training programmes. This session will be designed to be
fun activities but also allow training at a high intensity to take place
with the ball, whilst also developing awareness of key concepts in the
Relevancy: Suitable for coaches working with performers at all levels.

Title: Raising the Bar to Achieve High Performance
Venue: Craigavon Civic & Conference Centre

Time: 7.00pm - 10.00pm
Facilitator: Gary Keegan
Gary Keegan is the Director of High Performance Management in the
Irish Institute of Sport. Previous to Gary's current role, he spent 5 years
as High Performance Director with the Irish Amateur Boxing
Association's High Performance Boxing Programme. There Gary
devised a world class talent management programme which over a 5
year period achieved Major European, World and Olympic success
with no fewer than 29 medals achieved at these levels across the age
Course Content: An innovative look at the world class talent system that
brought 29 world level boxing medals over 6 years, and how this
system can be adapted to enhance other sports.
Relevancy: Suitable for senior coaches and managers.

Title: Best Practice in Strength & Conditioning
Venue: Ardmore Recreation Centre

Time: 7.00pm-10.00pm
Facilitator: Mike McGurn
Mike was the National Strength and Conditioning coach with Ireland
Rugby for six years in which time he covered 2 world cups. He is also
a former Strength and Conditioning coach with the Irish Rugby League
team and Irish International Compromise Rules team. He is also the
strength and conditioning coach to Irish Boxer Bernard Dunne who
won the world title in March 2009 at super bantamweight. Mike is
currently working with the County Armagh Senior Gaelic Football
Course Content: A practical demonstration in the best practice of
strength and conditioning, using the theories and philosophies of the
world's best strength and conditioning coaches across a range of
sports. Mike will accumulate and then present in a practical session the
secrets and tips of some of the cutting edge conditioning coaches, and
why their methods are so successful.
Relevancy: Suitable for coaches/athletes involved in training and
preparing teams.

1 Course - £10
2 Courses - £16
3 Courses - £25

Cheques for Armagh Courses should be made payable
to Armagh City and District Council and returned to
Edel Ferson at the address overleaf

Cheques for Craigavon Courses should be made
payable to Craigavon Borough Council and returned to
Chris Cassidy at the address overleaf

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