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Annual Dinner 2013

Congratulations on having Kieran "star" Donaghy as special guest of honour at this year's annual dinner on 9th November. Promises to be a good night!

My 80th birthday

My daughter contacted the club approaching my big day because she knew just how much the Lilywhites
meant to me in the early years of its existence. The spirit and enthusiasm were almost tangible around the area
The club's encouragement allied to a large fervent support carried us on to great heights. Tom Keville's
dedication to running the Emmett's schoolboy team laid the foundation for future St Peters success. It helped
that our bitter rivals Clan na Gael played in blue so we must have been Celtic.
In those early days of the 30's and 40's we would have gone out after breakfast, and in summer particularly,
returned home just before midnight. Food was an irrelevance. Spending that time at football how could we not improve. As a result of my daughter's conniving I received a beautiful and very much appreciated card containing
an equally well received letter of congratulations. Incidentally the front of the card displayed a photograph of the
1951 Armagh Senior Championship winning team showing some truly great players, among them the late Pat
McGeown - in my opinion the greatest St Peter of all time. Inside the card was a match report of the final which
unfortunately details my penalty miss. I wish to thank Jimmy Magee for his thoughtfulness in taking the trouble
to send the enclosures to me which also included a large commemorative picture celebrating the opening of
the present playing field. I wish we had had such a superb pitch.
Best wishes for the future.
Kind regards
Johnny Crossey

Congratulations on a well

Congratulations on a well produced historical modern unto date website and and well maintained club. Lots of great articles and well produced historical documents. Fond memories. Fr Stephen.

hi.. just letting everyone

hi.. just letting everyone know T Moores, in Edward Street are selling St. Peters Flags/Car Flags/Wind Socks......They are priced from £6 to £10....if you would like to purchase something!!!!! Up the Whites!!!!!!!

Up to date match results

Why no up to match results?

Football History

Give a word to Oliver Burns and Joe McDonald for compiling the St Peters History.


why do you not do a small piece on members who past. Some contribute so much of their time and energy to the club it would be nice to see their commitment to their club remembered.

future events

is there a place on the website that lets us know of the up and coming events, social nights etc. Also who the bands that are booked to play etc. thank you Philomena

The world today,so

The world today,so shortsighted.Some of the so called Blow-ins as you call them together with with genuine freecrow men made this club as it is today.

future events


All major upcoming entertainment events such as School Around The Corner or the Martin Lynch play "The Chronicles of Long Kesh" are advertised on our home page.

As well as that we have a regular Sunday night live group which is normally posted a few days in advance in the social club events section.

Feel free to comment on any other details you would like to see on the website.

School Around the Corner....Adults Only!!!!!

St Peters GAC Sports Hall Presents: Adults Only....School Around the Corner with Frank Mitchell!!!.....Friday 9th March at 9pm...Tickets £10.00........A Great Nights craic not to be missed...... Tickets available from all usual suspects or from behind the bar in the club.....

social club

it would be a good idea if you could show which band would be playing on Sunday nights, thank you.

Sunday night entertainment

We will try to have the entertainment on the website in the middle of each week for the forthcoming Sunday

Changing times

Typical of many people in the world today,so shortsighted.Some of the so called Blow-ins as you call them together with with genuine freecrow men made this club as it is today.To say that there is no community involvement and atmosphere in the club is so much tripe Joe


I am unable to read the 1222 reads on the guestbook page.Why?


This is a count of the number of times the guestbook has been viewed, not the number of comments left on it.

Phil Coulter

Congratulations on the concert of the year! From the great atmosphere to the organisation of the event, it truly was a perfect night - an absolute credit to all of those involved. I went there with a group of friends and we all agreed that it was excellent; the hospitality of the club was second to none - we were brought to a table when we entered and the table service was a brilliant touch. My only question is - when's the next concert?! We'll definitely be there! Keep up the great work! The Peter's can now class itself as Lurgan's own Odyssey!

Phil Coulter

Congatulations to everyone was an excellent and well organised event.....Well done....

Fight Night

The Topman would like to congradulate all those who organised the tremendous evening of boxing in the new Community Hall.The atmosphere was electric and the boxers were a credit to their clubs.The stewards did a great job and the organising committee can be rightly proud of themselves.Up the Whites!!!

i wish some coaches would

i wish some coaches would take the time to communicate with all the children and let them know when things are going on,



gavin devlin

rip gavin you where a true freind and gentleman

Guest book

How can I view the comments on the Guest book?

Guest book

You can click on the guest book on the home page to view comments. Any comments submitted must be approved before publishing and this was not up to date. This has now been rectified.

Changing times

I returned home to Lurgan with my family in July, first time home in 34 years. I saw many changes that some people may consider to be for the better. The town has prospered greatly, the sporting facilities available to young people are on a par with anywhere. Sadly on the down side, the spirit of community has gone, St. Peters is no longer a "Freecrow" club, it's a collection of blow in's from the four corners on Lurgan. I recall the glory days of the early seventies when the club had a senior team in the first division, a team to be proud of. Sean McCann brought me to see the new buildings, great as they are, there was still a lack of the local involvement. St, Peters was to me a Freecrow club built and maintained by Freecrow people, sadly I came away somewhat disillusioned. Patsy McCann Boulder, Colorado.

Changing Times

It's a blessing on our club that the narrow minded Patsy McCann blew out of our town some 34 years ago. I'm sure all the members of St Peter's are proud of all our boys and girls teams, from the under 8's right through to the seniors. ("win or lose or draw, damn the hell we care!") The spirit of community has never been better at the club. Maybe he should make an effort to attend any of the events organised by the volunteers at the club, St Patrick's Day would be a good start. As for his alleged lack of local involvement, what hogwash. The club welcomes everyone no matter who they are or where they come from.

Changing times

I wish to state that I totally disagree with the comments made by Mr.McCann on the website.St.Peters are proud of their Freecrow connections but we have to move with the times and look to the future.The club can not operate properly without being an inclusive organisation.We are very much here now to serve the whole community and this includes the blow-ins who frequent the club and its wonderful Sports Hall.

U8 Blitz

Tullylish GAC would like to congratulate St Peters on their new website and facilities. We were lucky enough to attend your indoor U8 Blitz and was all of our players and mentors enjoyed the day . Good Luck in th season ahead!!

New website

Nice to see the webiste up and running. I will be able to keep in touch with what is going on back at home. Keep up the good work!!!!!!!

Julie Bell (nee Wilson)

Congratulations on a

Congratulations on a wonderful user friendly website. I was just wondering if the Irish Dancing classes and times could be put on here. They are Mondays from 6-8pm and Tuesdays from 6-7.30. Many thanks Sinead Mc Givern

any word on the new senior

any word on the new senior manager?

Senior manager

A new manager for the mens senior team has been appointed, details to follow.


Happy New Year to those associated with St.Peters. Great to see the website up and running.Well done Kevy McSherry!!!

New Sports Hall and New Website

Congratulations on your new website which is very impressive and ofcourse the new sports hall which is a superb facility.
Wishing you every success in 2010.

Colette McCluskey

New web site

Congratulations on getting new site up and runnimg. Hope your club progress in the new year. You deserve it.

New Web Site would like to congratulate you on your new website. All the best with the forthcoming season.